joe cheng delivers in style

I have to tell you how much I appreciate remarkable customer service.   It is the solid basis on which I make decisions around purchases.  It is the essential deal maker or breaker.  This is likely the case for all of us, yes?

I’ve been fortunate to experience mostly great service in my life.  Truly a function of the quality of the product and the ethics of the company, my customer loyalty is earned by basic human courtesy, respect and a willingness of the customer service person to make every interaction a satisfactory interaction.

I have occasionally received poor service, but I can only think of two situations in which my loyalty as a customer was severely tested and ultimately breached.  Both these instances were related to on-line purchases where I paid money but never, ever received product despite loads of persistent communication and promises, in both cases, of making good.

The most recent of these I have already written about.  It was with an organization which I held in great esteem for a long, long time.  I had begun my association with it years ago, when it was small and struggling and I hooked that loyalty on to the integrity of its founder.  I remained a customer for a number of years and, in fact, referred many new customers to the company.  I even listed my professional credentials with this company’s ‘provider’ list and allowed the words from a personal email to be quoted on the home page of this business.

I no longer endorse this business’s products or programs.  I do not shop there or recommend it to others.  It is truly a disheartening state of affairs to me.

That said, I am so very happy to be able to share an example of stellar customer service.   Located in Toronto, consistently comes good on their promise of best product and competitive costs.  I’d add that they are second to none on courtesy, promptness and customer satisfaction.

I’ve ordered from a few times in the past, always receiving prompt email or telephone responses from Joe to my queries and almost immediate shipping of my orders.

On a recent trip to Toronto, in an attempt to save the shipping costs of moving kettlebells 1700km or so, I thought I’d pick up an order.  Ordered in advance of my departure from the eastern edge, I anticipated arranging a time for me to pick up the order.  A series of events, on my part, made this impossible, but Joe was more than happy to deliver to me, on Sunday evening, at the Bed & Breakfast at which I was staying.

udo sports the t-shirt

Joe Cheng is a great guy.  He delivered kettlebells right to my room! He brought along a jump rope for me to try – I had inquired about the quality of the product – and slapped on a couple of complimentary tee’s for my partner and me.  The jump rope was fast and easy to use, so I purchased a few.

If you’re looking for kettlebells or jump ropes or gym rings or weight vests or, ummm, just check out this product page for loads of great products or join Extreme Kettlebell’s Facebook page.  You’ll be dealing with Joe Cheng and that will guarantee you a fully satisfactory experience.

Check out Udo using the product in this video.  Sorry for the quality, I’m a total noob.