Broiled Tomato & Cheese Melts

Cut a big, luscious tomato is half.  This recipe is best with a daringly fresh tomato from your backyard garden.

Score the cut surfaces of the tomato, drizzle them with olive oil and smear them with garlic.  Do this with a certain amount of erotic passion, as drizzling and smearing deserve — they will taste all the better for it.

Add fresh ground pepper and sea salt to taste.

Broil for several minutes, just until the tomato begins to soften in anticipation of your total enjoyment.

Add cheese of any kind – today it was beautiful brie – and a bit of herbs.  Fresh basil.  Mmmm.  You’re getting into the sensuous part of this, no?

Return this delight to under the broiler, but just until the cheese melts.

The juicy tomato, the dripping melting cheese, the fragrant basil – enjoy!

Sharing is a lot of fun.  So is not sharing.  Either option is good.