I’m in Toronto.  Excited to be here. So excited.

friendly moth on our window, trying to catch the honeymoon suite action

Yesterday was a very long driving day – about 13.5 hours from eastern PEI to Cornwall, ON.

My partner and I spent the night at the First Canada Inn and had our regular room with a queen sized bed upgraded to the honeymoon suite.  You know —  fireplace, double jacuzzi with candles, red heart-shaped pillows.  All this sweet and tacky for nought after that drive.  Though the bed was incredibly comfy, king sized felt  like a football field to a veteran spooning couple.

While in Cornwall we ate at an Italian Restaurant named Casa Paolo.  A lovely little place.  Busy.  Great service, excellent food.  Worthy of a ‘thank you’ tip.

Today we drove into the city.  He did the driving and was very much appreciating 401 etiquette after a spring and summer of agricultural equipment on the island’s version of the TransCanada Highway.  I watched a Big Ropes video on my laptop while he pepped along and learned some great new moves.  We had lovely chats.

Mid afternoon we arrived at our B & B and settled our wilting belongings into the Winston Churchill Suite on the second floor of Pimblett’s.  I have stayed here before and like the location, the owner and the accommodations.  We have a private bath and a kitchen, so I know I’ll be well looked after.

We wandered out, seeking something light to eat and a grocer.  We ended up at a place on Parliament called The Pear Tree.  There was a Firetruck and an Emergency Response vehicle parked in front.  We did not let that daunt us.

salmon greek salad

He had a Salmon Greek Salad.  It looked as good as he claimed.  He inhaled it.  I had a BBQ Shrimp Salad – cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, cantaloupe, watermelon, orange, strawberries, cashews, mixed greens and barbequed shrimp with a tarragon bbq dressing.  The mix of flavours was inspired and unexpectedly perfect. A pint of Rickard’s Red each.

Oh yeah, that hit the spot.

bbq shrimp salad

Upon our playful ask we were told that the customer who had collapsed had not done so due to the food or a desire to beat the bill.  The individual left the premises on his own steam.  Perhaps it was the heat of the day.

Tomorrow I am attending the CanFitPro International Fitness Conference and Trade Show, starting my day in a workshop called Body Training Explosion and offered by Peter Twist.  I’ve trained with Peter several times in the past, so I know to expect excellence.

It is going to be a fantastic start to my Friday.  I know you’ll have just as great a start to yours!