It is upon us.  August.  No other month starts on the same day as August (except February during a leap year).  The eighth month of the Julian calendar began cool, with a heavy dew.

I had a sweet run and discovered a patch of chanterelles this morning.  The chanterelles became part of our evening meal. Yum!

August will bring us the hay days of summer; days will stretch out before us while our feet shed beach sand and our emptying sunscreen bottles strain to provide us protection.

This will be a month of great living.

During August I’ll be traveling to Toronto to take in the CanFitPro Become Your Best International Fitness & Club Business Conference & Trade Show.  This means I’ll be staying on top of my game as a fitness service provider and my clients will continue to receive cutting edge knowledge and service.

Really it means I gain knowledge of the most recent research in the fitness field, I gain expertise in using new, efficient training equipment and protocols, and I learn new ways to torture – lovingly – those of you who rely on me for, umm, torture.

Let me assure you, emphatically, no on-line course I take or book I read can compete with the in-person learning and energy of hands-on learning with the best in the field.

This is a gift to me and a service guarantee to you.  It makes me so happy to be able to do this for you.

As a result of traveling to Toronto for this great conference, there will be some down time in the studio.

August Schedule is located here.

Please note that I will not be teaching any classes between August 11 and 17 inclusive. However, for those of you in need of a kettlebell fix, the most amazing kettlebell instructor, Susan Walsh, will be offering two lunch time classes in my absence.

On Thursday August 12th and Monday August 16th from 12:10pm until 12:50pm Susan will take you through your paces.  Susan knows just what to do with you, so you best not offer her any guff!

There are also two Kettlebell Skills Clinics offered during August.  On Friday the 6th at 4:30pm and Monday the 23rd at 12:00pm you and everyone you love can participate in a complimentary session on the fundamentals of moving kettlebells.  Make sure you register for this fantastic opportunity.

When you swing a kettlebell, you change your life.