where sea meets land, there be the tears of mermaids

Prince Edward Island has much to recommend it in summer.  Beautiful beaches, high talent local concerts, art shows, stage productions of noteworthy quality, amazing community suppers, stunning kayaking opportunities, a variety of outstanding culinary events and gastronomic venues.  The list does go on and on.   Vacation land.  Yes.  Visit and enjoy.

mermaid out of water

Yesterday my partner and I attended the second annual Mermaid Tears Sea Glass Festival.  Held on the eastern edge of the island, where land and sea blur, the festival was a gathering of sea glass collectors, silversmiths, mermaid afficionados, and wendy-q-publics.

If you’ve not heard of sea glass, commonly referred to as Mermaid Tears, you’ve missed out on the power of tides, sand and time to craft stunning bits of magic.   Discarded glass objects have been tumbled and tossed in the surf till they’ve transformed into precious jewels of the sea.  Even bits of ceramic become enchanted,  infused with an otherworldly charm when treated so gently to the love of the sea and sand in this manner.

Mermaid Tears are romantic and can fill hours of a childhood where foam gathers around ankles.  Clutched in a wee hand amidst wet sand, sea glass is at its very best.  The Festival, however, extends those moments of childhood.

sea glass artists on display