my feet after this morning's 7k run

My alarm this morning was the sweet insistent warbles, trills and tweets of all manner of ornithology outside my window.  I lingered in bed, drifting in the lilts and tweedles for a bit before sliding my legs off the side of the bed and reaching for my running togs.  I laid them out last night knowing I would start today with a run.

I put in my contact lenses, sipped a bit of water and allowed mother nature to have her way with me.  I slipped my feet into an old pair of speedo flip flops and let the best beagle out for his urinary adventure amidst lingering night time smells.  Evacuation needs met, I strode down the laneway, slid out of the speedo’s and felt the asphalt against my soul.

The run was sweet, the entire route filled with birdsong which floated like silk ribbons around me. The smell of warm earth and the sighs of breathing fields collected in my chest.  Crows mentioned my passing, woodpeckers tapped my footfalls, lambspeak engaged me in brief joyful conversation. The chickadees tweaked their usual melody, calling  to me as I passed  “chick-a-wen-dy-dy-dy-dy”.

The sun slowly climbed the sky.  Hazy and paling from the intense corals it was on the horizon when I stepped out of the house, its early morning heat making promise of another beautiful beach day.

The pavement beneath me was neither cool nor warm.  I dodged and weaved seeking the smoother parts of the road, enjoying the solitude and the movement of my joints.  I let my arms dangle loosely whenever I felt the familiar tightness creeping into my upper traps and I noted the lack of discomfort in my hips and knees.

But for about 7 or 8 minutes of playing out a conversation several times in my head, I was just in the run.  In the run in the sun, permeable and content to just feel, to be and not be at the very same moment.

Walking up the laneway with the familiar squish of those speedo’s keeping me company I was sure I had started the day off right.

It got even better when I checked my facebook to find a note from a friend, Nick.  He is a fierce crazyass wrestling MMA training maniac who plays hard with ropes and kettlebells and sandbags and rings and all sorts of homemade tools of extreme and over-the-edge workouts.  Nick gave barefoot running a go.  Here’s what he had to say about it:

Alright wendy i tried this barefoot running thing!!!

and The HELL WITH THAT! i now have more blisters on my feet then if i wore a pair of running shoes 4 sizes too small. my heels feel like someone drove railroad spikes into them!

You have had many great ideas for fitness but you really dropped the ball on this one!!!

No but seriously, i was in a hurry and had on flipflops, so i though hey i hear wendy is trying this barefoot thing out so i’ll give ‘er a whirl.

My conditions were not ideal, It was 3 pm today, hot as hell, and it was on stupid hot pavement. So already things are pointing south. So i weighed my options, run about a km in flipflops, and crappy old, old navy ones, or kick em off and try this brilliant idea of running barefoot.

So long story short.

I’m shaking off smug as I head to the shower.