Saturday morning, 8:15 am.  Twelve people gather in a warm studio in order to get their sweat on.  A thirteenth person sits off to the side.  She has come to observe the class as she is a visiting friend from Ottawa and she covets her PEI friend’s crazy ravings about kettlebells.  Perhaps she even observes the evolution of her friend’s body and spirit and wants in on this life-changing mind-altering kettlebell thingy.

The dozen form a large circle, defining about 15oo square feet of the open studio space.  They have water bottles and gym towels set off to the side, jump ropes at the ready, and a variety of kettlebells standing alert, almost vibrating with anticipation.  People and equipment poised together for a great workout.

Jump rope for warm up.  Jump rope with abandon.  Recall your childhood fondly and confront the reality of how challenging jumping low, quiet and fast can be.  120 – 140 rpm will put you in a working zone, elevating your heart rate, waking up your lungs, surprising your calves.  Be thankful that the jumping is only for a few minutes.

Join the moving circle of bodies as they laterally shuffle around the room, taking the shuffle low – you know that means getting your backside closer to the floor, not craning your neck and shoving your head down while keeping that ass high to the wind – and transitioning into a couple of laps of high knees.  Some hip and shoulder ROM exercises and it is time to step up to the kettlebell.

The kettlebell.  That seemingly inert, sedate ball of cast iron with the handle, the one which has been waiting patiently.  Like a gremlin in a box, your kettlebell can become mischievous  and spiteful.   Do not ignore your kettlebell.  Do not get it wet.  Do not feed it after midnight!

Starting easy.

  • 10 swings, 10 bottoms up squats (make those Rob squats!)
  • 15 swings, 10 squats
  • 20 swings, 10 squats
  • 25 swings, 10 squats
  • 30 swings, 10 squats

Warm up finished.

30 second intervals all the way through.

  • L single arm swing
  • R single arm swing
  • L snatch
  • R snatch
  • L clean and press
  • R clean and press
  • L rack lunge
  • R rack lunge
  • L suitcase deadlift
  • R suitcase deadlift

Rest.  Rehydrate.  Repeat.

Somewhere in this Repeat the visiting spectator’s doe eyes and slight corner-of-the-mouth envy drool led me to invite her into the circle, quickly teach her a kettlebell swing and let her have at it.  (You and I both know she’ll be shunning stairs and cussing the biology of female evacuation requirements tomorrow.  Take comfort in this knowledge.)

  • Crush curls
  • Squat crush curls
  • Figure 8’s
  • Overhead Extensions
  • Good Mornings

Rest. Rehydrate. Repeat.

On the floor:

  • L 1/2 TGU
  • R 1/2 TGU
  • L seated military press
  • R seated military press
  • L chest press
  • R chest press
  • Push Up (pretty form)
  • Pullovers

Rest. Rehydrate. Remonstrate. Repeat.

Stretch.  If you are Wonder Woman, spin three times and transform into an on-duty career woman ready to sell! 

Head off into a Saturday that couldn’t possibly take you down!