I headed out for a short run this afternoon.  A day full of household chores, on-line procrastination and paperwork demanded a physical relief in the beautiful outdoors.

Barefoot, of course.

I loved the light rain – refreshing and invigorating – and running in road ruts where puddles had collected, a satisfying splash with each step.  I didn’t like how heavy my body felt at this time of day and so it was a physical tussle for me.  Gravitational forces stronger than other bits of wonderous nature. I didn’t like how much vehicle traffic there was, forcing me off side or to run with instead of into traffic.

I made it to my turnaround point and about half way back.  Then I stopped running.  I walked and really started to enjoy myself.

The rain continued to fall, light and windless.  I picked Black-Eyed Susans, which I would have called rudbeckia in the days when I was immersed in peat and vermiculite and seeds and compost, and white Marsh Mallows blushing light lavender hues.  Large swaths of St. John’s Wort and clouds of Fleabane filled ditches; strong graceful stands of Queen Anne’s Lace.  Strangles of Crown Fetch winding through Clover, ground-hugging Eyebright, Butter and Eggs  amidst the grass.

The run was a bust but the walk was just what I needed.

You can’t always have what you want, but if you try sometime you find you get what you need.