There is a fitness business I’ve been dealing with for a number of years now.  It provides top notch instructor trainings and sells products, some of which are challenging to find elsewhere.  I have always had a lot of respect for this business and its owner who has dedicated soul and sweat to growing the business from a small unknown to a large international force, touching hundreds of lives.

In the beginning I got fantastic personalized service on orders – filled promptly, shipped promptly.  Bend over backwards to please the customer kind of service.  It is largely what won my loyalty.

In the intervening years, this has become less and less the case.  More often than not products are not in stock, still not in stock, still not in stock.  Well, not so much a problem.  I just order from another Canadian company and when that is not available I’ve ordered from the US, AUS and UK.

My most recent experience with this company is, however, a huge disappointment to me.

On April 8th I placed an order for something I needed by May4th.  I thought I was on the safe side.  The company, through paypal, took my $108 and change.

By the 21st of April I had heard nothing – not any sort of order confirmation from the company – and I certainly hadn’t received my order so I sent an email inquiring after the status of my order.  A volley of emails on that day ended with the company owner saying he would look into it.

On April 27th I sent another email, asking if he had looked into it.  There was a response that day with a couple of reasons/excuses for the delay and a statement that it would go out it the mail that day.

Around May 12 or 13 there was a facebook comment exchange where I indicated I still hadn’t received my order though I was assured he had personally put it in the mail back on the 27th of April.  Hmmm.  He would resend an order when he returned from an out of town trip.  On May 18th I sent him a fb message asking if he’d fixed the situation and didn’t get a response.  On May 30th I repeated this process, though this time asking if it was just a ‘no go’ at this point.

Though I see him active on his facebook these past few days, he hasn’t responded to my last two messages.  And somehow, I feel like I am badgering him.  That is just so wrong.

I am saddened and disappointed with this circumstance.  I am out my $108, but that is not the real source of my disappointment.  A company who had my loyalty and many personal referrals has not met its obligations.  Sometimes things get sacrificed in the pursuit of growth.  Sometimes you need to release ties of loyalty and move on.  That is what I’m doing today.