Oh, I love this.  I love this.  Truly.

Victoria Park Boardwalk - waiting for sunrise

My feet connecting with this earth, moving me forward, independent of any foot ‘supplements’.  Long-ago dropped arches reforming.  Strong muscles.  Smooth leathery soles (perhaps the same for my soul).  Happy knees and hips.  Loose legs and arms.  Joy in movement.  Joy in being.  Learning so much.  Listening to the wisdom of my feet as they were meant to be.

Today, at 5:40am I took some photos along the Victoria Park boardwalk.  I knew I’d be back.  Oh, and I was.  At noon time I pulled up to the boardwalk, peeled off the socks and shoes (my very favourite Dansko’s), stepped out of the car, and ran.

The temperature was perfect.  An almost stiff breeze, not sure whether to assist or challenge me, vacillated along side, ruffling my hair and banishing my slight fatigue.  Other runners, power walkers, couples strolling, moms towed by prams.  We shared the boardwalk, the river view, the fresh air.  I am so grateful they were willing to smile, greet, and share.  We are all so much better for meeting there today.

Victoria Park Boardwalk

half moon over the boardwalk

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