circuit magic: gymsticks & half get-ups; rope reflection in the mirror

Oh, I’ve been away from my blog far too long.  I miss it.  I miss you. My most sincere apologies to all of you.  My life seems to be busting happily out in all directions and my on-line opportunities have dwindled.  I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule soon.  Please don’t go too far away.

Chris works the rope, Katie hack squats

Today I will share with you the energy of those intrepid kettlebellers who attended circuit class this morning.  I love circuit classes.  They require planning and forethought so they keep me on my toes.  So much effort and attention is poured into them by the participants – challenging movements with challenging work/rest intervals.  Usually the formats work, but sometimes they don’t.  Thankfully, this morning’s circuit flowed well and the timing of it was smooth, like clockwork, allowing participants to complete the circuit twice during the class time.

I took some photos this morning.  I take terrible pics, so I am posting only the best of my very poor efforts.  Not everyone was in a shot worth posting, so if you don’t find yourself here, well, that’s the way my shutter shudders….

After a short warm up jumping rope, the following circuit was completed with a 45 second work interval with a 15 second rest/change stations interval.  There was a one minute rest after completion of the full circuit and then it was taken again from the top.  Folks rocked this challenge — check it out!

Starting at a random station:

  • Beth flies!!

    Kettlebell Snatch, Left

  • Kettlebell Snatch, Right
  • Gymstick Supine Rear Fly w/ Sit Up Combo
  • Gymstick Prone Triceps Extension w/ Superman Back Extension
  • Jump Rope
  • Double Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift
  • Zoey w/ double presses, Kelly w/ pullovers

    1/2 Turkish Get Up, Left

  • 1/2 Turkish Get Up, Right
  • Double Kettlebell Chest Press on the stability ball
  • Kettlebell Pullover on the stability ball
  • Push Ups
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Kettlebell Clean & Rack w/ Lunge Combo, Left
  • Kettlebell Clean & Rack w/ Lunge Combo, Right
  • Double Kettlebell Farmer Carry Step Ups
  • Zoey w/ big effort, Kelly squats

    Bottoms Up Kettlebell Squat w/ Overhead Press

  • Heavy Rope Alternating Waves
  • Kettlebell Hack Squat, behind the head hold

    everyone working, everyone breathing, everyone sweating

    kettlebell together, stretch together