For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth  ~Sanskrit Proverb

Energy conversion.  It is what keeps us vital.  Breathing is the most dynamic of our bodily energy conversion systems.  It is simple and automatic for most of us.  And for most of us, it is unconscious.

Our breathing carries power.  It provides us with the potential for great changes in our lives.  It can assist us in reaching deep spiritual understanding and in achieving soaring physical and athletic challenges.  It can carry us into healing states of meditation and it can serve as a pathway to deeper relationship with others.

This viable, vital, animate source of potentiality literally breathes life into our being.  And yet, most of us remain unconscious of its flow, its power, its capacity to change our lives.  We are unaware of this force, we forget how to breathe with efficiency and potency, we remain ignorant of how to harness this simple, accessible method for improving our lives and the life of our planet and beyond.

I enjoy breath work.  Taking pause to note the quality of my breath.  Sitting in solitude, existing in the movement in and the movement out of my breath.  Using the power of my breath, in the valsalva method, to create strength in time of need.  Focusing on anatomical breathing for endurance.  Using the swelling of my diaphragm and the rise of my belly to create expansiveness, a sense of weightlessness, a reaching.  Harnessing the expulsion of my breath to guide release of tension and toxins.  Allowing my breath to float me into meditative states, to move beyond corporeal Wendy, to connect with all that is.

My breath affects my mind, body and spirit.  It informs my every moment of life.  It provides suspense and wonder, fear and disbelief. If I honour my breath, stay mindful of it, remain with it, I shall be stronger, healthier, more peaceful, less stressed, less striving, more giving.  I will be open to the vitality of life and the letting go of life.

Let me stay where I need to stay.

In every cycle of breath, between the emptying and the inflowing, there is a moment of absolute calm, an instant when history comes to an end.  Then, the yearning begins, the divine discontent, the lungs praying to be filled, the body longing to be animated by spirit.  ~Rev. David Takahashi Morris