I hesitate to state that I am glad this week is drawing to a close.  I try to stay where I am in time, neither wishing away future days as I count down to some spectacular vacation or event nor regretting the challenges of current/past days, hoping for them to be over quickly.  Staying in the moment can be a struggle by times though.

This week was very busy.  Not at all in a bad way, but somehow my focus was not up to snuff. I could elaborate a combination of reasons for this, but that is hardly the point.  Accounting for how I got to where I am is more like an apology than a life lived.

what if my planner looked like this?

My reliance on my day planner was challenged on Tuesday, the fullest day of my week I might add, when the planner was forgotten at home.  The only time in my life I have managed this. Not only was the order of my day a bit fuzzy and the client files I required missing,  the administrative tasks I wanted to accomplish had to be abandoned for wont of the necessary bills/forms/notes/etc.  All were snugly tucked into the pages of my at-a-glance 2010 which was still at-a-home 2010.

Twice this week I lost track of where I was while teaching class.  This is really not a good thing.  As much as I ask class participants to stay in their minds and bodies, I left mine.  The consequence of this would have been to leave them rather unevenly worked out, having done shoulder presses on one side and not on the other or some such imbalance.  Thankfully I have attentive and confident people in my classes.  They are helpful in pointing out my moments of mindlessness, ensuring my return to their best interests and their collection of all they deserve.  If there were a ratemyfitnessinstructor.com, I’d not want to look at it for this week.

Not only has the day planner been recalcitrant this week, so too have some of my other files and papers.  This morning, for instance, I left home without the class program for my morning kettlebell class.  I thought I had left it in the studio yesterday, in anticipation of this morning’s class.  I was wrong.  I had brought it, and left it, home.  This necessitated me constructing a class program in the half hour before class.  Not a bad thing really because I put together a program I was really happy with, but it did prevent me from accomplishing other tasks during that time.

So, the week is drawing to a close.  I am somewhat relieved.  On the other hand, I am so grateful for this week.  I have had wonderful experiences.

  • I enjoyed a funny movie with my partner, along with a lovely snack and a bit of wine.
  • I worked with a new private training client and am excited for all she will achieve.
  • I took proud possession of 17 new kettlebells and have been passing 9 of them on to their excited owners (the rest have cozied in to peaceful co-existence with current studio kettlebells-in-residence).
  • I worked with four other most amazing private clients, all of whom bring so much in to my life.
  • I have had new class participants all week long and welcome them to kettlebell training, yoga, and core classes; and I so enjoy the repartee with and amongst the longer-term more familiar participants.
  • I met with a reporter from The Guardian to approve a story which will be printed on Monday and I am so excited about this exposure.
  • I followed new and cool tweeps and was blown away by the power and effectiveness of  Twitter as a social media marketing tool, feeling thankful to the two individual marketing consultants who have passionately set me on this course.
  • I was so very happy to hand over payment to a young graphic designer, also trying to create a new business, for the amazing designs she delivered which will soon be put on t-shirts.
  • I have been repeatedly humbled by the large kindnesses of those who enter or pass through my life and are willing partners in promoting my work because they are receiving so much from the effort they put into it.
  • I was honoured to spend an evening with truly fine friends; strong, resilient, beautiful women with whom it is as easy to laugh as to kvetch.
  • I tromped wet sunny parks with a bright, friendly warm woman with whom I have partnered to provide an outdoor fitness program.  I am beside myself with excitement about this adventure.
  • I hugged and was hugged and I laughed often.
  • I drove home under amazing stars and the warmest of crescent moons.
  • I shared simple, delicious food, lovingly prepared, with my family and packaged up a birthday parcel to mail off to my oldest magnificent babe.
  • I tweeted and emailed and blog-commented and facebook chatted with near and dear near and far friends and family.
  • I visited my chiropractor with whom I have a great relationship and while he messed with my messed up foot we caught up on a year’s worth of news.  I missed him.
  • I taught my first all-male kettlebell class; so fun.
  • I had a fab lunch out with my youngest daughter.
  • I shared lovely snuggles and had some great sleeps.
  • I walked in the sunshine and watched a week’s worth of awe-inspiring sunrises.
  • I worked hard in yoga class, leaving a much better person than the one who had arrived.
  • I relished the smell of my clothing which had dried outside.
  • I read so many interesting things, inspired by all of them.
  • I washed my car though I truly believed the grime was holding it together; it did not collapse into a smallish rubble heap
  • I got an oil change.  This was for my car.  My mother always used “getting/needing an oil change” as a euphemism for sex.  It is always a good week.

This week is drawing to a close.  Upon reflection I am not glad for this, nor am I unglad.  Next week I will practice mindfulness with greater perspecuity.

Oh, maybe I’ll do that right now.  Excuse me while I locate my mind.