kettlebells can change lives

For many of us, touching a kettlebell changes our lives.  It is often a workout which engages our total being, demanding our full attention and inspiring us to move our personal bar a bit higher.  Sometimes it serves as a catalyst, moving us into ever more challenging, exciting forms of training.

I thought it would be a cool exercise to try to capture, in one sentence, my relationship with kettlebells.  Then I thought it would be even more cool to collect your single-sentence thoughts too, compile them and post them on the blog.  This could be a very instructive, inspiring and entertaining project.

So, if you workout with kettlebells, please send me your thoughts, pithily placed in one sentence. Email it to me at I’ll put together the compilation and put up a blog post.  Heck, if you wanted to include a photo of you and your kettlebell, I’d be more than pleased to post that too!

Thanks for your help with this.  I’m looking forward to your submissions!