This is a guest post by Kelly Lantz.  Kelly is new to kettlebell training and is a focused, fun participant in the group.  She and her husband Rob are parents to two young, active boys.  Kelly is a fantastic Realtor in Charlottetown and surrounding areas.  I am so pleased she was willing to share her initiation into kettlebell training.  Thanks Kelly.  – Wendy

I took my first kettlebell class last week and my second one last night. I am hooked already.

I have been exercising in the gym and aerobics classes for many years but I’ve never really heard much about kettlebell. A friend of mine emailed me the link to the website last week and I signed up for the introduction class right away.

For a while, I’ve been feeling like my fitness routine has hit a bit of a plateau, so I was eager to try something new, and after reading lots about kettlebell workouts online, off we went to our first class. I know Wendy took it easy on us the first class – it wasn’t really even a workout, more just showing us the proper way to perform the moves and swings. The session was only 45 minutes long, but I knew right away that I would be back for a real class.

I have always worked out to music but there is no music in kettlebell class, just lots of counting and the sound of quiet moaning 🙂 I like the counting and quiet, and concentration. I’ve done yoga and Pilate’s in the past but got a bit bored. Kettlebell kind of reminds me of these with quite a bit more action.

I knew that this type of exercise was effective the morning after my first class, when I sneezed and my entire core ached. Even though I’ve been quite active for a long time, I’m not very strong. I was pretty nervous that I wouldn’t even be able to lift the kettlebell, but I quickly learned that the work comes from the lower body as well as the upper body. I have good cardio endurance but strength is lacking so I think this class will improve that. I am amazed that I can be in a complete sweat and pushing myself to my limit, standing in the same place and my feet rarely leaving the ground.

I like the atmosphere of the class. All ages and fitness ranges. The workout is a challenge to yourself, not competing to keep up with anyone else. I have had to start with a bit lower weight and was doing fewer reps by the end last night, but I’m quite sure that I will improve soon. My goal is to go to class three times per week, and continue with my other workouts on alternating days.

After my second class, I felt taller and I swear my jeans fit better. I know that is in my head but I do feel great. Imagine how I will feel after my 10 classes? I can’t wait to find out.