your kettlebell, treat it with respect

Just you and your kettlebell.  At home. Hmmmm.

Looking for inspiration?

Here, try this workout, intense and demanding, which you can do once or twice through, depending on your energy and goals.

The pattern is two kettlebell exercises followed by one body weight exercise, each performed for 30 seconds for a total of six minutes per sequence.

Train strong, stay focused, and have fun!

Complete an aerobic warm up and joint mobility exercises before beginning.

  • single arm swing L
  • single arm swing R
  • burpees
  • clean & rack L
  • clean & rack R
  • jumping jacks
  • crush curls
  • over head tri extensions
  • lateral shuffles (3 L to R touching floor outside opposite foot)
  • snatch L
  • snatch R
  • rumble run

1 minute rest

  • rack squat L
  • rack squat R
  • mountain climbers
  • rack lunge L
  • rack lunge R
  • alternating body weight lunges
  • single leg deadlift L
  • single leg deadlift R
  • pop squats
  • suitcase deadlift L
  • suitcase deadlift R
  • jump squats

1 minute rest

  • 1/2 turkish get up L
  • 1/2 turkish get up R
  • front plank
  • chest press L
  • chest press R
  • push ups
  • weighted side bends L
  • weighted side bends R
  • side plank L
  • upper body rotations
  • lower body rotations
  • side plank R

Rest and Repeat.  This is a fun circuit to complete.  Whew!