Oops! I am one day late with this update, which very well might mean my disqualification from the challenge. That would make me sad, but I would understand.

My weeks have progressively gotten busier since the new year. This is a very fine state of affairs for a new business. I am working long hours, but I have little to complain about in life.  However it has limited my time to exercise and to post, especially when I work a portion of the time on a dial up connection.

Week 7 of The Perfect 10 – Goals Review & Update

  • NO potato chips – no, no but I sure want some 🙂
  • REVISED:  one one-hour high intensity cardio session/week  and one interval session – Um, my sleeping seems to have been done on intervals this week but I haven’t met this exercise goal
  • a minimum of four days/week of  45 minute mindfulness practice – I completed two 45 minute sessions this week
  • five crazy body weight challenges to be performed one per week in two cycles – I am further behind on this, but I am not confident I will revisit the five performance circuits before the perfect 10 challenge is complete
  • one ‘legs day’ per week –you mean I have legs?  No, not done.

This week I will toot my own horn a bit and tell you that in 2002 I was the recipient of the Golden Jubilee Medal presented by the Canadian Governor General on the occasion of the fiftieth Anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II to the Throne.  The medal was awarded to me for making a significant contribution to the welfare of children in Canada.  For those of you living in the United States, at one point I had the honour of sitting on an international panel of the status of child welfare in North America which was convened in Washington DC.  Previous to this fitness life, I was extremely privileged to work with strong, resilient children, amazingly skilled and compassionate child and youth care staff and strong social sector mentors, and some unforgettable, forward-thinking care organizations.

Life is wonderful!