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Well, it’s almost 7 weeks since we brought 2010 in, perhaps with a resolution list of healthy lifestyle changes.
Are you still on course with yours?

Mid February seems a good time to remind ourselves of some great nutrition tips.  You know, just in case the challenges of maintaining your resolve are knocking you about a bit.

  • Stay alert and focused. Enjoying some protein for breakfast, like an egg-white plus egg omelet with veggies and goat cheese, eaten with a side of fruit, helps me stay alert during the day.
  • Energize yourself. Eating protein throughout the day, will keep me energized.  Tofu, tuna, or poultry served with a salad or roasted vegetables are some favourite options.
  • Defeat late afternoon munchies. Do have those mid to late afternoon energy slumps and food cravings?  I like low-fat cottage cheese and an apple, or a nutrition shake to carry me through.  You could also try your apple, or some celery, with natural peanut butter.
  • Make room for veggies.  At dinner time serve yourself a colourful variety of vegetables.  Stir fried or vegetarian lasagna are great.  A hearty vegetable soup during the snowy day of February can be soul satisfying.  I love a slightly spicy warm soup in winter.
  • spiced olives

    Seek out healthy fats.  Make sure you are getting good fats in your daily diet.  Salmon, nuts and healthy oils, like olive or coconut, will keep you on track.  Put some olive oil in a morning fruit smoothie.

  • Eat bright for essential nutrients.  Rather than spending your energy avoiding foods, focus on eating more foods containing antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fibre.  Blueberries, kale (yum), garlic, green tea, purple cabbage, and tomatoes are regulars in my house at this time of year.
  • Be portion conscious.  This is something of which I must remind myself as winters wears on me, particularly at breakfast.  Put away leftovers immediately, divide entrees when you eat out like sharing a sushi tray, avoid nibbling after meals, don’t let steel cut oatmeal topped with goat yoghurt, ground flax and berries mess with your mind.  Uh, I mean my mind. One serving only please.
  • Maybe vitamins will be of help to you. An emulsified vitamin d or a vitamin b complex may be warranted.  Perhaps a calcium supplement is called for.  Check with your health care provider or nutritional counselor.
  • Add variety, it’s the spice of life.  Try a new food each week.  Experiment with recipes, testing spices and herbs you don’t normally use.  I like curry and smoked paprika in the winter months and fresh ginger tea is soothing and warming.
  • Eat mindfully. For me, the busy-ness of work makes focus and mindfulness a huge task at this time of year.  Ensuring I set aside time to eat properly and prepare my eats  can make a big difference.  Eat your food without multitasking.  Leave the computer, the television, the blackberry.  Close the book or the magazine. Chew slowly and appreciate the colours, the textures, smells and tastes.  Be thankful for your good fortune.

When you implement changes in your life, sticking to them becomes the next step.  Remain aware of why you have made these changes, be patient and kind with yourself.  Be courageous.