I haven’t accomplished much in the past 7 days with regards to the perfect 10 challenge.  My days have been long and filled, but I love my work and all the people with whom it brings me into contact.  Consequently, I haven’t had much opportunity to address the following:

Week 6 of The Perfect 10 – Goals Review & Update

  • NO potato chips – this is fine
  • REVISED:  one one-hour high intensity cardio session/week  and one interval session – this is done and included a 220 continuous kettlebell snatches workout.  Whew!
  • a minimum of four days/week of  45 minute mindfulness practice – I completed two 45 minute sessions this week
  • five crazy body weight challenges to be performed one per week in two cycles – I am behind on this, but I am confident I will revisit the five performance circuits before the perfect 10 challenge is complete
  • one ‘legs day’ per week – not completed.

I am confessing this week to no musical talents.  For a girl from Cape Breton, the first question often asked of me is whether I play fiddle (many folks seem to think this is a genetic and cultural imperative for Capers).  I don’t even play the spoons!  The only thing I can play is the stereo – and that’s only if it is bereft of tweeters, subwoofers, or any other of those most mysterious boxes, dials and LED displays.

I do love to sing, but I cannot carry a tune in a bucket.  Frequently I am asked to stop – STOP!! – when I sing.  In my grade 6 Christmas Concert I was the only child instructed by the teacher/choir director to ‘just mouth the words’.  For years following, I did not sing out loud.

These days I generally ignore requests/demands to not sing because, well, I do love to sing.  As a very young woman I attended a weekend workshop with the noted Virginia Satir and she gave me my voice.  Thank you Virginia as well as all the other wonderful women present that weekend.

My feelings and sensibilities are no longer hurt by the abuse heaped upon me by others.  Frankly, what you think of my singing isn’t my business.