beautiful jasmine

Are you having trouble sleeping? Tossing and turning and just not settling?

Well, there can be a number of reasons for your sleeplessness.  For me, I generally have trouble sleeping after teaching high energy classes at night.  I am energized by the activity and excited by the fun of teaching and settling down can be a challenge.

Jasmine has calming and sedative properties, and a jasmine-scented bath before bed can be relaxing.

In a study funded by the National Science Foundation, participants reported the aroma of jasmine made them sleep well and feel alert the following day.

The study had participants sleep in rooms scented with jasmine, lavender, or nothing at all.  Those who tried all three sleeping conditions reported feeling the least anxious the next morning after their jasmine inspired rest.  They also performed better on cognitive tests given at several points throughout the day.


The study was conducted over only three nights, so these effects may not be reliable over time and circumstance.

But I’m figuring any excuse to sink myself deep in my clawfoot tub in the late evening – candlelight, a glass of wine, inner silence – is a good thing.

Sweet dreams.