Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up.  – Chinese Proverb

Huh?  Another week has passed?  Is that possible? I think my week only had 2 days … and I haven’t thought about my goals at all this week.  Let’s see how that measures up.

Week 3 of  The Perfect 10 – Goals Review & Update

  • NO potato chips – check
  • at least three one-hour high intensity cardio sessions/week – I said last week I’d be revising this goal and haven’t gotten to that yet.  I did complete two one-hour cardio sessions so I’m more than satisfied with that
  • a minimum of four days/week of  45 minute mindfulness practice – check, QiGong, mindfulness meditation and a 90 minute yoga class
  • five crazy body weight challenges to be performed one per week in two cycles – I didn’t get to this, but will try to fit in two next week simply because it is my favourite of my goals.
  • one ‘legs day’ per week – this hasn’t been accomplished, but I got on the silently devilish stair master twice and completed some backwards jogging on the treadmill.  Yes, I know, these don’t count towards my goal.

wendy's workout

This week I shall confess to having a penchant for falling down.  Yes, I fall down.

It isn’t because I am dizzy or unbalanced (though I am), it is because I am clumsy, klutzy and in need of improved mindfulness.

I have taken a bad fall, down a full flight of concrete stairs (see left).  A heavy landing at the bottom on my left side and I still have body issues several years later, likely complicated by the fact that two days after the fall, being unable to chew because of jaw bruising, unable to turn my head,  and sporting banged up knees, ankles and hips I headed off to Thailand with a 52 pound backpack for 5 weeks.

But, back to the falling, and making it relevant to the field in which I work.  I have taken a full fall while teaching a class, traveling sideways in a gracefully executed chasse, I tripped over my own feet and was sprawling on the floor (and up again) before I could blink.

Treadmill falls?  Not once, but twice for me.  Hahahaha.  Really.

Once, touring a potential member through the gym where I worked, I backed into a treadmill on which a woman was running.  I hit the treadmill on my back and was spit, without decorum, off the end of the machine and across the floor.  This was not a great tool for selling my personal training skills to any one of the many folks in the room that day.

On another occasion, running on a treadmill, I stepped off for a moment to turn on a floor fan.  Mindlessly I stepped back on to the treadmill, absent in the moment and forgetting that it was running.  Landing on all fours and again shooting off the end of the belt, I found myself splatting against the back wall. There may still be a stain there today.  I had some road rash on my knees and sore wrists.  I was alone in the cardio area at the time – yay dignity – and was up and looking stunned by the time front desk staff came in to respond to the unusual noises.

My hope is that I fall for everyone, sparing you the pain of this experience.