Week 1 of The Perfect 10 – Goals Review & Update

  • NO potato chips – Simply Crap was Simply Absent from my week – I have to admit this is an easy goal to meet
  • at least three one-hour high intensity cardio sessions/week – accomplished though the last one was a touch short of an hour due to my chest cold
  • a minimum of four days/week of  45 minute mindfulness practice – I’ve  practiced both QiGong and mindfulness meditation and will complete the 4th practice later today
  • five crazy body weight challenges to be performed one per week in two cycles –  I did one this morning; check it out at taking up the slack for today’s date
  • one ‘legs day’ per week – uh huh, done and felt for two days in my R piriformis

There isn’t much my friends and colleagues don’t know about me, but here in the land of The Perfect 10 I am a virtual stranger.  This week I will share my children – all girls – two of whom were born at home and one who was adopted.

Giving birth at home was the best decision I could have made for this part of my life.  The births were intimate, relaxed and passionate, totally under my direction and extremely satisfying experiences.  The first birth fully solidified my perspective on the world.

At age 29 I birthed my first most miraculous babe, now almost 22 years old, on the living room floor of my small apartment (I had a free floating waterbed at the time, so you can imagine the complications that would introduce).  She was worth every second of that 27 hours of labour.  At 36 I welcomed a second most miraculous babe in my bedroom in a building in which I lived but also served as the office for the organization for which I worked.  So I had the protection of a staff member downstairs fending off the excited and anxious demands of a group of children-in-care and a bevy of amazing co-workers with whom I shared my life at that time.  That birth was much quicker than the first, with only 23 hours of labour.  Yes, that was so much more brief. . .   Then, when I was 33, we began fostering an 11 year old girl and later adopted her.  This birth was physically less demanding than the others.

In retrospect, I have been blessed with beautiful birth experiences shared with my partner and attended by midwives.  The first birth provided me with a clear indication of my strength, determination, ability, and personal agency.  There hasn’t been anything able to stop me since then.

Um, my future ‘what I want you to know about me’ posts will likely be shorter but I’m glad you stayed with it this far!