kettlebells: not as innocent as they look

Here is what a handful of tough, focused, totally addicted kettlebellers ROCKED today and the symphony they performed for me.

I heard breathing, at first quiet and then louder, laboured and ragged, held in and pushed out with purpose.  I heard perspiration rolling down temples, gathering at the back of the neck, pooling at the base of  the chest.  I heard sweat dripping on to the floor.  I heard the firing of muscles fibres, the electric hiss and crackle of synaptic transmissions, the silence of gastrointestinal tracts, the sonic boom of hearts.  I heard hoarse swallows.  I heard the thundering echo of focus, determination, of holding on and pushing through and not backing down.

Warm Up

  • 3 – 4 minutes jump rope
  • lateral shuffles right and left
  • low lateral shuffles right and left
  • high knees around the room
  • ROM – hips and shoulders
  • Turkish Getups Descending Ladder:  3 L/3R  2L/2R  1L/1R

Down to Work

  • Snatch + Row Ladder – 5 snatches 5 rows L then R, repeat 10/15/20 reps without rest
  • 5 Roundabouts + 5 bottoms up crossover lunges with 3 pulses and a kick  X3
  • Walking lunge in rack – down & back X 4 with crush curl ladder of 5/10/15/20
  • Roundabout + 5 Single Leg Deadlift X5/side

Tabata Finish

  • H2H sumo squat

I heard the steps of powerful, accomplished kettlebell athletes walk away from a job well executed.  I heard their sense of wellbeing and their relief.  I heard their self victory ’cause it was bursting out so loud!