tonight a blue moon

As the thickly lush velvet curtains of 2009 swoosh closed and 2010 shimmers before us, we stand steady, strong, eyes lifted and hearts open to the boundless promise of the future.

While future-gazing can fill us with hope, a life set in the future is a life not lived.  There is only now in which you can be fulfilled.

In this very moment may each of us experience:

deep abiding peace

release from fear, worry and anxiety

a life shared with someone whose simple brush past us ignites our fire

moist spooning

a kind and loving intention to give and to receive

nourishment from the happiness buffet

generosity of spirit


a sense of innocence tempered with common sense

an impish grin, a playful heart

simplicity in needs

scarcity of want

vibrant colours, fragrant flights

dancing feet

a song filled soul

gratitude lived in every pore of our body

recognition of all being sacred

spiritual ecstacy

freedom from deprivation

freedom from excess

a silent mind

connection to self and to others

passion for life

unshackling of our materialism

whimsy, giggles, bursting-ripe belly laughs

willingness to give without judgement

a celebration of diversity

a deep knowing of our own truth

integrity of principles

respect for all other truths

an ability to lighten up

the preciousness of our insignificance

blessed being