Moxham Fitness Centre is located in a building which, years ago, was a school.  I attended that school in 1968 for my grade 5 year.  Barry Gwynn is part owner of the facility.  Though I do not know Barry, I attended high school with one of his younger sisters, and enjoyed a chat with him this morning before my workout.

The fitness centre was originally located on property which had been occupied by Moxham Castle.   It moved 5 years ago to its current location.

Anyone growing up in the Sydney area of Cape Breton prior to the eventual destruction of the castle in the mid 60’s will have fond memories of its archetectural grandeur and perhaps some magical childhood fairytale-like fantasies will linger still.  The castle was owned for a period of its history by a first cousin twice remove of mine, M.R. Chappell.  (M.R. must have had a little-boy-seeking-adventure in his soul as he also spent a lot of his time and money pursuing buried treasure on Oak Island).  This week I will eat my last Christmas meal from a lovely solid oak table – the same table off of which I ate most of my growing years meals – that once originally sat in Moxham Castle.

Moxham Fitness Centre has everything you need for a great workout.  Today I ran quarter mile sprints on the StarTrac at 6.8mph with 5.3mph recoveries.  I completed four sprints and found myself working at the very edge of what I could accomplish.  Then I hit the weights for chest and triceps training.

With the general sloth and repose of my holiday hours, I’ll have to visit Moxham’s one more time.   It was fun to workout in a place with so many connections to my past.