Does fit have a particular look? Does it have a particular number attached to it – like a weight, a clothing size, a BMI, a waist size, a percent body fat?  Can you deviate from these numbers and still be fit?  Is the look of fit culturally defined?  Socially defined? Can the look of fit change over time? Is it influenced by your income level?  Is it relative to some idiosyncratic starting point?  Or end point?  Does it change depending on who is standing beside you?

What does fit look like?  Is that even the right question to be asking?

Fit comes in all shapes and sizes and a dizzying array of numbers!  Quite possibly your numbers.

dire tune, marathon runner

catrine christensen, arm wrestler

bonnie st. john, skier

bridgitt riley, boxer/kickboxer

valerie vili, shot putter

lisa anderson, surfer

caster semenya, runner

bonnie blair, speed skater

meg maurer, powerlifter

dara torres, swimmer

aimee mullins, runner

iris kyle, bodybuilder

tiana jean, gymnast

michelle stilwell, wheelchair racer

patricia miranda, wrestler

nancy lopez, golfer

nicole cooke, cyclist

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