A number of years ago, I was fortunate to be invited to a Seniors Fitness Instructors’ Certification course, of outstanding quality, offered by the Canadian Centre on Activity and Aging.  Since then, I have been teaching a Seniors Fitness Class twice a week and loving it!

Not only am I rewarded by the stories of increased functional strength and endurance offered regularly by the participants, I also get to hear some of the best jokes, find out about every local fundraiser and church dinner, and spend a couple of hours a week with some of the best folks to walk this planet.

Today, our class had a special visitor.  We were all happy to buzz a bit about George Canyon‘s visit to the gym — he was pushing some iron in the weight room while we were pushing some iron in the aerobics room.  He graciously stopped in for a photo op.  What a great day — three sets of squats and George!

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