My Stroke of Insight

Have you read Jill Bolte Taylor’s account of her experience of  and recovery from stroke — My Stroke of Insight?  Have you checked out her intriguing and informative TED broadcast?  (And I’m just going to pretend there wasn’t that Oprah appearance.)  If your answer is ‘no’  then you have something to which you can look forward.

Bolte Taylor was a young, intelligent and actively employed neuroanatomy researcher — brain scientist — when she observed herself experience a stroke at the age of 37.  Her book is the chronicle of this event and its sequelae along with a high school level crash course of basic brain functioning.

If you are metaphysically curious (like me) or a bit of a neuropsychological geek (like me), or have had your life touched by stroke (like me) or if you just plain enjoy a fascinating and engaging slice-of-life story (like me), then Bolte Taylor’s account has something to offer you (yes, like it did me).  The book is a fast read, so set aside a few hours in your comfy, sunlit peaceful spot and wander through this amazing woman’s brain/inner life — her insights, passionately conveyed, provide valuable lessons.  You will be inspired to create further balance in your own daily adventures.

The more aware I remain about what my brain is saying and how these thoughts feel inside my body, the more I own my power in choosing what I want to spend my time thinking about and how I want to feel.

stained glass brain

We are not at the mercy of the scripts and narratives we play in our heads.  We have the power to stop thinking things which bring us pain and dis-ease.  This is a powerful understanding which allows for a calm and assured sense of  personal agency.

I don’t have to think thoughts that bring me pain . . . I have the ability to choose a peaceful and loving mind . . . I can own my power and stop thinking about events that have occured in the past by consciously realigning myself with the present.

Stay in the present.  Show up for your life.   That is everything; that is all.