28.09.09 w7 d1

Rest Day is good.  A bit of kettlebelling with the class and of course some light aerobics, which I do every Monday and Friday when I teach Seniors’ Fitness.

29.09.09 w7 d2

Sprint day rolls around again and I am up early for 8x 400m.  Peering through the darkness at my outside thermometre, I am relieved to see the needle in the 10 degree range.

Today I have a new companion in the darkness — a headlamp purchased at Mountain Equipment Co-op.  I step out into the darkness, the sky a twinkling riot which totally disappears in the light pollution thrown by my sighclops.  On its highest setting, because at first I forget about multiple settings, I have a sweeping and far ranging visibility.  WowWee.  There will be no further skunk surprises in my career as not a runner.

It is very humid, the air is warm, heavy and still.  I set off to the start line for the first sprint and I am off, staying close to the centre yellow line where the asphalt maintains the most integrity.  As I run the realization that I am devoid of star power begins to sink in.  Sighclops is both friend and foe and I suddenly wonder how many minutes/hours I can rely on her batteries.  Concerned that I will be left in the dark is enough to trigger my memory of the light settings.  I power her down to the lowest setting, pleased to find that my life is still more than adequately illuminated and I can see the stars with some degree of clarity.

There.  A shooting star.  I frequently see them on these dashes in darkness.  This morning I wonder about shooting star mythologies. I don’t know any, but surely there must be one about fallen runners.  My brain will not quiet today.  It tumbles from one thought to another, excited and agitated.  Periodically I find my legs strong under me, my breathing even and fast but mostly I am stuck in a holding pattern of free associations.

On sprint #5 I watch my partner’s taillights disappear around the bend, on the way to his morning workout at the gym.  That starts another thread in my head as I begin planning a weight routine.  I am anxious to get back into the weight room on a regular basis and will do so after this 10k is tucked into my back pocket.

Over and over this morning I shake off stories inhabiting my mindscape.  When the last sprint is done I turn sighclops off and gape.  With the gaping comes stillness in my head.  I even forget to hit the end button on my stopwatch.

30.09.09 w7 d3

Another beautiful morning.  A clear sky opening over wet gravel, slick asphalt, moist freshly turned fields.  Ground mist so clear under the perky beaminess of sighclops.  My breath and the young pine trees are caught in the beams in ways which make them new and different from previous weeks of running.  I am out for a 7.2k this morning.

My mind is soft and quiet today, my legs are strong.  I find my pace early on and I fall into a comfortable rhythm.  It all fits together this morning, the heart beat and respiration, the foot falls and light breezes, the texture of the air.  There is an equilibrium and harmony.  This is running.

01.10.09 w7 d4

I awake in the darkness of October and stumble bumble myself into some running gear.  It is really dark and the world in dripping with the swollen drops of a heavy rain just finished.  I could almost swim in this air and sighclops sluices her way through the sparkling particles of the  mist filled morning.

Today is another good run.  40 minutes tempo.  In the blackness it is difficult to distinguish fresher asphalt patches from puddles and I splash through quite a few.  There is unmitigated joy in this.

Joyfulness and eggs for three.  A great start to a Thursday and to a new month.

02.10.09 w7 d5

Rest Day.  It is a long work day for me and I am glad for the training reprieve.

03.10.09 w7 d6

Normally this is the long run day but I worked late last night and have an early morning commitment today, so I switch it for my 45 minutes EZ run. This ends up being a wise choice.

I get out a bit earlier than usual and I head eastward for the outrun, plodding along at a relaxed pace.  I have been having some gi distress this week and my innards are rumbling, doing a slight heave and pitch and creating pain.  They are not happy.  I am not happy.

I cover a bit more than 3k before I begin the return run.  It is about this time that my lower left leg figures misery is in need of company and it begins firing off distress signals.  In no time at all, a ritual wailing is growing.  I stop to stretch and have to dig deep to begin running again.  My resolve misfires and I slow to a walk.  I walk about 250 – 300m and then resume my stacatto tap-slap-tap-slap rhythm, slow and whining.

I arrive home in 48 minutes, peel the wet layers off and climb into the shower.  I am looking forward to the day ahead of me.

04.10.09 w7 d7

After yesterday’s running debacle of puny dimensions, I decide that today’s 12k long run would be cut to a 10k run.   I have an early morning client appointment at the gym so I still need to get out there early.

As I position sighclops and draw on a pair of gloves I ponder the involvement of my lower leg.  C’mon along, I think, and send some warm, loving thoughts downward as I gnaw on a few sharkies and sip some water.

nasty NRG

nasty NRG

I also try an NRG energy shot of the pink lemonade variety.  I consume about 20ml of the 60ml shot.  It is a taste most foul and leaves a strong and unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth which I experience even after I return from the run.  During the run, sporadic belches remind me of my folly.

It is just a touch cool this morning and I set off at a good pace.  12 minutes into the run my left leg begins to pulse a bit, building a burning sensation, but I am distracted by the small riot happening in my mid section.  The energy shot is ricocheting past my digestive enzymes.  Yikes.

Today I am more stupid than determined, so I push on and eventually everything settles down, into a quiet roar with which I can peacefully commune.

As I run, the energy shot seems to help and I run the full 12k distance.  I come in strong, stronger than I expect.  It is done and I am relieved.  I get myself cleaned up as my belly continues to protest, but I take myself to the gym to set up a new training program for a friendclient.