Week 3 felt pretty good overall.  I’m glad I’ve stayed with this training program.

Running later in the early morning means there is more traffic.  I am running on rural routes where paved shoulders are nonexistent and grass shoulders are not often tended.  It is a bit nerve wracking when I have to go off pavement in the dark.  I like the challenge of the change in surface, the long wet grass around my lower legs causing more resistance.  I like that there is less impact on my joints.

I don’t like the trash thrown by night time motorists.  Though there have been substantial reductions in roadside littering, beer bottles, fast food containers and other oddities of midnight vehicular shedding are present and lurk as hidden dangers. These shoulder moments are generally coupled with blinding high beams.  I find it difficult to keep my pace.

The other issue resulting from increased traffic is the large trucks on my route.   The passing wind blast they cause is okay, kind of a momentary hurdle to be overcome, but it is filled with fumes of diesel.  Choking fumes.  Extremely noxious and off-putting.  Because the 10k will be run on city streets I wonder about the wisdom of adjusting to vehicle emissions as part of the training.  This does not sit well with me and I am thankful that my running is outside of a busy urban centre.

tibialis anterior & extensors

tibialis anterior & extensors photo from home.comcast.net

My runners need replacing.  A sure sign of a shoe past its time is cramping and fatigue of my left tibialis anterior and partner extensor muscles.

I remember the first time this happened to me.  I was a fitness newbie and running in Labrador where I was doing a clinical consultation gig.  I was wearing a new pair of nike’s, it was in the -20’s on the celsius scale, my toes were cold enough that they stopped bending on the push off.

Then I started tripping over my left foot, being unable to lift my toes.  I was flummoxed by this and am thankful to a personal trainer for pinpointing the cause.  I had to ditch those new nike’s and to this day 2 kms in a pair of nike’s will cause me grief for weeks.   This was a great lesson in shopping for runners.

Worn runners, those that have served their purpose and are ready for retirement, have the same effect.  On my last run of this week, the D6 EZ run, I could feel my anterior tibialis.  At its origin, close to my knee I felt tightness, along the outer side of shin was a burning, and my foot started a bit of flopping. Not good.

I hope Hashem’s Variety is open on Labour Day.