Cardiorespiratory activities are incrediby important for your heart health, for increasing lung capacity and for improving the efficiency of your circulatory system.  These include activities where you increase your heart rate and sustain the increase for a period of time:  walking and running, swimming, biking, and any number of other recreationally or fitness-based past times.

biceps curl

biceps curl

Lifting weights, on the other hand, will result in an amazing array of health benefits.  Developing increased muscle mass, or regaining lost muscle can accrue these life-enhancing benefits:

  1. increased base metabolic rate, producing a metabolism which is stoked and thus burns more calories
  2. increased energy and stamina
  3. improved athletic performance
  4. enhanced relaxation, promoting better sleep
  5. lowered blood pressure thus reducing the risk of heart disease
  6. strengthened bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  7. reduced stress and improved ability to cope with stress
  8. increased mental focus and clarity
  9. reduced depression and anxiety
  10. enhanced ability to complete activities of daily living
  11. development of a stronger immune system
  12. increased tendon and ligament strength
  13. improved body image and self esteem
  14. enhanced joint stability resulting in support of connective tissues
  15. correction of postural imbalances and development of muscular symmetry
  16. increased muscular strength and endurance
  17. improved body image and self esteem
  18. improved balance and coordination

It is never too late to start lifting weights (also called resistance training and strength training).  If you are uncertain where to start or how to progress, a personal trainer may be of great benefit to you.