This morning’s class was suppose to start with an invigorating jump rope warm up.  Some how one dozen brand new jump ropes were not to be found, making some of the participants a wee bit too happy.

Last minute challenges such as this are common to group fitness instructors.   I resorted to some drills for warm up and was happy to see everyone warm up quickly and efficiently.

Warm Up

  • around the room lateral shuffles; change direction
  • in/out double shuffles
  • low shuffles; change direction
  • high knees around the room; high knees backwards
  • walking lunges
  • backward walking lunges
  • low walking lunges
  • backward low walking lunges
  • hip rotations
  • shoulder rotations

The Workout

  • Kettlebell swings:  30 seconds 2 handed, 30 seconds L handed, 30 seconds R handed, 30 seconds 2 handed
  • 5 x BOSU get down get up, clean & racks, swings, snatches L then R   – 15 seconds rest – repeat x 3
  • Kettlebell swings: as above
  • 5x BOSU get down get up, rack squats, shoulder press, rack or o/h lunge  L then R – 15 secs rest – repeat x 3
  • Kettlebell swings: as above
  • 5x BOSU get down get up, single leg deadlifts, single arm row, suitcase deadlift  L then R – 15 secs rest – repeat x 3
  • 10 swings – 1 front squat
  • 10 swings – 2 squats
  • 10 swings – 3 squats
  • 10 swings – 4 squats
  • etc to 10 swings – 10 squats

The Dessert

  • Mountain Climbers Tabata – the fitting end to a blood broiling workout!

This was the first class for one of the participants – an incredible initiation even without jumping rope – gritty and grimacing!

Sweet, suffering sweet Monday morning.  Thanks to all who shared yours with me and got my week off to such a heart pounding warming start.

“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.”