a post-run hamstring stretch

a post-run hamstring stretch

23.08.09 W1 D7

Rest day.

I had an early morning client appointment so I stayed afterwards for a bit of weight training on my chest and triceps.  I completed  3 sets x 10 reps each of flat dumbell chest presses, flat dumbell chest flys, assisted dips, and rope press downs.

24.08.09 W2 D1

Interval day.  5 x 400m sprints with 5 x 400m recoveries.

It is a quiet, heavy morning in the aftermath of the slight shrug we were offered by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Bill.  It is very dark, but as I am sprinting, I stay on the highway within a 400m east and west range at the end of my driveway.  The bobbing of my halogen back and forth along this stretch may be disturbing to my neighbours should they be up early enough to see it.

The sprints go well, with the exception of #4 sprint.  This one I complete entirely on an uphill grade.  I push myself harder than I did a week ago and my lungs are coming out through my throat as I finish the sprint.  Thankfully the 400m recovery allows me to push hard again on #5 sprint.

A sprinkling of rain, almost not there, as I step into the porch.

25.08.09 W2 D2

I am happy to be able to sleep in a bit today and I begin my 5.6k at 5:15am.

There is a heavy ground fog and I am initially concerned about the limitations on my visibility — both seeing and being seen.  However, the fog patches float over the farm fields, where the energy of life meets the cool morning air, and I run in and out of these microclimates along the route.  Sturdy stalks of corn huddle in the coolness and I take note of the chill on my forearms.  It is 14 degrees celsius this morning.

Though the eastern horizon is shrouded in low lying mist, it is infused by an insistent pink.  This fills my spirit and I stride easily home.

An evening with a 45 minute yoga session felt good on the body, but my mind stayed filled.

26.08.09 W2 D3

35 minutes tempo run.  It is nice not to leave the house until 5:40am.  The sky is already a dull gray and there is a stiff, cool breeze.

Every single step today is effort.  My hip flexors crank and complain and there is a burning tightness across the top of my back which does not relent, despite my thinly loving attention, until the last kilometre of the run.  The attraction between my asics and the asphalt is fierce and has me pondering the possibility of variable gravity days.  My mind stays too busy and I never settle in to the run and so cannot find the pleasure.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night and this morning’s taxing efforts are testament to that deprivation.

It is done and I am happy to be done of it.

27.08.09 W2 D4

Rest day.  Nice; fully experienced and very much appreciated.

28.08.09 W2 D5

The seduction of the snooze button.  It is long run day — an 8k is on the agenda and I have an early training appointment at the gym.  It is the wrong day to be seduced by the largest button on my alarm clock (and I remind myself to wonder about this design feature later in the day).

It is 5:12 by the time Hal (trusty compadre who lights up my running life) and I are picking our way down the driveway.  I have on long pants and a long sleeved top for the first time.  There was an overnight low of 10 degrees and the air is chilly.  The stars, however, are astounding.

I take a different route this morning.  Heading east at the end of my laneway, knowing I will have a substantial hill on this route and a final 3/4k on an incline.  I change my route both because I need to experience different running conditions and because this route is less secluded/isolated (depending on my mood) in these dark hours.

The skies are huge.  The stars are impossibly bright.  I struggle a bit to find a rhythm, but by k4 I am settled in and enjoying the run.  The sky lightens sufficiently for me to pocket Hal and I arrive home in the pink-purple-gray blush of sunrise, feeling autumn against my cheeks.

29.08.09 W2 D6

35 minutes EZ run, in the very brisk morning air.  It is only 7 degrees celsius this morning.  My hands become numb during the run and I am aware of a touch of frost settling into my wilde rumpus; my nose runs the whole time.

But for a rooster half-heartedly crowing, the lowing of some cattle, and a few early morning  twitters and warbles, my world is satisfyingly solitary and silent.