Despite the general malaise I was feeling last week, paired with a bit of niggling doubt, I continued the intermediate 10k training schedule.

The verdict?  I am so glad I did!

This week I have been feeling great, even with that devilrun on D3.  My energy levels have remained high, my fatigue has dissipated and, with one exception, I slept well all week, without dreams of running.  I am happy with this state of affairs.

Can I account for this shift?  Two factors were different, so each may have contributed.

  1. I did less ‘other’ training this week.  Though I played kettlebell on occasion, I did not complete a full 45 minute circuit during the week (I completed 2 45 minute kettlebell workouts during Week 1 training).
  2. I did some tinkering with my pre-run fueling.

Because I prefer to do my training early morning — and it best fits my life in this time frame — I generally roll out of bed, stumble blindly into my running gear and am out the door in less than 10 minutes of my wakening.  This means there is no time for pre-run eating and I was sure this was a serious problem in Week 1.

citrus squeeze lemon tangerine sharkies

citrus squeeze lemon tangerine sharkies

Before my run on D2,  I popped 4 citrus squeeze sharkies into my mouth while gracelessly donning my clothing.  It was one of my best runs!  On D3 I consumed 3 sharkies and though the run was hypertaxing I made it through.

The sharkies were tasty, soft and easy to consume.  I remember trying them a number of years ago and finding them unpleasantly hard and chewy, like a winegum, which was not the case this week.  They seemed to give me the energy I needed to work hard without experiencing a persistent fatigue afterwards.

gu energy gel - espresso love flavour

gu energy gel - espresso love flavour

For my long run on D5 and again on D6 for the EZ run, I scoffed back about 1/2 oz of Espresso Love Gu.  Again, I experienced my energy as more evenly sustained.

I did not enjoy the texture of the Gu, sweet and thick in my mouth like a spoonful of organic brown rice syrup.  For the first parts of my Guruns, my stomach felt upset.  I think the caffeine on my empty stomach was not a good idea.

Given the definite improvement I felt in energy available for these four runs, coupled with a weeklong moxie, clearly I need to continue tweaking what is going to work best for fuel on my training runs.  This will also have implications for how I fuel prior to and during the actual run.