my trusty asics

my trusty asics

This post is a day early.  As tomorrow is a scheduled rest day I am putting the post up now.

17.08.09 W1D1

Out the door at 5:00am for the first day of training.  It is to be interval training400m sprints with 400m recoveries x4.  Not a workout to which I’ve been looking forward.  In fact, I repeatedly dreamt last night of having finished this workout.  I am glad my deep un/sub/conscious is on my side.

It is dark and I attach a small halogen light to the strap of my top .  I have to walk the 200m of my driveway as previous predawn runs have taught me that potholes, in the dark, are not my friend.  Nor are skittering skunks.

A 400m warm-up walk  and I am off.  It is a slight incline and I will my sleep-infested legs to go faster than they normally would.

“It is a sprint” I hiss, with some degree of affection.

I am ‘sprinting’ westward.  I hear a whisper coming toward me.  Rain.  I run through a lovely, light and refreshing sprinkle.   It is soft and short in duration, perhaps a minute.

The forecast showers, I think,  have come and gone, leaving the fragility of my adventuresome spirit in tact.  I reach my first turn-around point.

Another whisper is apparent from behind me.  It becomes louder, I feel it nipping at my asics heels.  It is not the lovely or light whisper of moments ago.  No.  It is louder, reminding me somehow of the movie Tremors. I wonder if I can outrun it.  I am really sprinting now, trying to control my laboured breathing, which has become an uncoordinated pattern of sucking in and heaving out.  The back of my body is wet while the front is dry.  I am straddling two worlds — how cool is that?  Quickly I lose my lead.  It is a bit short of a deluge but it comes down straight,  hard.  I am wet.  Wet and smiling.  Within 4 or 5 minutes it overtakes me and I watch it travel eastward.

4 x 400m completed.  I knew I could.

I topped off the day with a 45 minute Kettlebell Workout in the evening.  ‘Nuf said, ‘nuf done!

18.08.09  W1 D2

4:50am when I push the start on my stopwatch.  Today I am out for a 5k run.  My 2.5k out (westward) is uneventful.  I find a bit of a sweetspot and I stay there; I focus on pushing strongly off each footfall.  On my return, a waning crescent moon weakly pulls me forward, as if I am a wave in the Atlantic Ocean, a tidal being connected to growing seasons and fertility cycles.  Despite the dormancy which long ago settled in to my ovaries, I am an integral part of this ceaseless pull.  I allow it to bring me home.

19.08.09  W1 D3

The first of the ‘tempo’ runs.  I don’t really understand this concept.  I should be running just a bit slower than ‘race pace’.  I don’t know what my ‘race pace’ is nor how to measure it.  I have previously decided that I shall do the tempo’s at a ‘comfortably hard’ pace.  (Please, if you have wisdom and virtue to pass on to me here….)

I overslept today.  By 34 minutes, oh dear!  That means I will have a very tight get-out-of-the-house schedule as I have an early morning client in Charlottetown (40 minutes away).

Nanoseconds.  That is the length of time I debate staying in bed and forgoing the morning run.  7 minutes later, at 5:26am, I am out the door!

5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes ‘tempo’, 5 minutes cool-down.

skunk + skunk + racoon + racoon = rural running

Oddly, there is not a bird call during this morning’s run.  It distracts me, the wondering about this does.

There is an upside to sleeping in…the sky is pink on my return and reminds me how I am missing running in to the sun.

20.08.09 W1D4

Officially a rest day.  I do not run but in the evening I complete a 45 minute kettlebell circuit and 45 minutes of yoga.

21.08.09 W1D5

Friday.  Long run day.  For Week 1 this is a 6.5k and I am up early for the workout because I have to be to work for 7:30 today.

At 4:37am it is dark.  It is a new moon and the stars are hidden by cloud cover.  I lament my lost light and feel a bit unsettled by the darkness, but my trusty halogen and I stride on, cutting brief sweeping paths of light.

When I turn into my driveway, still in darkness, I am thankful for the uneventfulness of the run.  Unremarkable except for the one clear brilliant bird call at the 4k mark, the shoelace-come-loose at the turnaround, and the startled wee skunk who thought she should give me a few strides of chase.

I added another 30 minutes of light cardio into my day mid morning.

22.08.09 W1D6

A 30 minute EZ run.  I set my alarm late and begin my run at 5:40am, as the eastern horizon is already glowing a fresh pink welcome.

There is a light wind from a southerly direction, reminding me of Hurricane Bill‘s journey along the eastern seaboard.  I think briefly about the day’s task of putting away the outdoor furniture before Bill’s arrival and then I let the thoughts melt away.

The breeze creates a bit of a challenge for me and I appreciate the need to respond to this circumstance.  I am very pleased to be running in the weak light of morning, without need of my companion halogen.

I arrive home sweaty and hungry.  I like that and promptly take care of both needs.

After an early morning training client, I decide to stick around the gym to complete a light training session myself.  I go for back and biceps.  3Sets x 10Reps each of lat pulldowns, stiff-legged deadlifts, assisted chin ups, dumb bell curls, cable curls.