When I decided to train for this 10k, I chose a training program designed by Christine Luff.  I like that she has so much running experience/knowledge and has trained a huge volume of novice runners.  She is passionate, and safe, about running.

I debated two 10k training schedules.  The first was for the ‘advanced beginner’ and the second for the ‘intermediate runner’.  I chose the latter because I am a slow runner and have this vague notion I would like to run faster.  The intermediate schedule is designed for improving speed.

After completing week 1, I am wondering if I have undertaken too rigourous a program.  I have been exceptionally tired this week and wonder about my ability to maintain the progression of the intermediate program.  We have been experiencing some of the hottest weather of the summer and high humidity levels this past week, so this may be contributing to my simmering weariness.

I have decided to complete a second week of the intermediate schedule and reassess then.  If my general fatigue persists, I just may shift to the advanced beginner schedule.