I have a very wise, wide-eyed, open-hearted friend who has been providing gentle, nudging guidance to me for quite some time.  In particular, as I explore new ways to be in the world, new ways to be in my body, and practice a calmer, less reactive, more tolerant day-to-day, she provides me with resources, references, and a sane model of reflexivity.

A part of my previous post addressed my growing pleasure/contentment with mindful running.  She quickly provided me with the following link to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s elaboration of the connection between running and meditation and running meditation.  I thank her, as the video well describes what I have been experiencing, to some lesser degree or another.  I particularly identify with that carnival consciousness — tumbling thoughts in a colourful attention-grabbing disarray — he describes as common at the beginning of a run and the pleasure of letting them go to just be a heart-led mindful runner.

I trust you will find this short video as illuminating and inspiring as I did.

If you haven’t yet tried running/exercising without an umbilical cord running from an mp3 player to your ears, you might want to reconsider.

Being present in your body is an art, a science, a gift.