the whole way kettlebell family

the whole way kettlebell family

At 5:06am this morning, just after a downpour came to an end, I headed into the damp dark morning for a run.  I am particularly enjoying running unfettered by earbuds stuck in my ears.  Pulsing, loud, digitalized sounds are not being missed, though I couldn’t have imagined that previously.  Without the ipod, I am so much more connected with this wonderful early morning world around me.  Smells are stronger and fresher (though not always pleasant in rural Prince Edward Island) and sounds, of course, are much more available to me.  I feel the air with more clarity.  I have a stronger, more acute focus on my breathing, my muscles, my movements.  I am running mindfully and it is pure joy.

Without kettlebell training, where I insist on body-focus rather than pumping, distracting beats, I would never have set out on a 6k run without “tunes to motivate” me.  Another fitness myth busted!  My motivation comes from within me.  When did that simple, life-affirming, common sense notion get lost?

After a 45 minute back and biceps workout, I led two classes.  Kettlebell training was a lot of fun this morning.  Here is what those amazing people completed while attending solely to their experience of movement and focus:

Warm Up

  • 9 minutes jump rope
  • joint mobility
  • halos – clockwise & counterclockwise
  • around the body passes (slingshots) – c & cc
  • up/down slingshot – both directions
  • figure 8’s
  • swing ladder:  20-25-30-35

Circuit I

  • 10 1 arm swings L/10 R
  • 10 snatches L/10 R
  • 10 clean & press L/10 R
  • 10 tactical lunges L/10 R
  • 10 suitcase deadlifts L/10 R

Rest & Repeat

Circuit II

  • 10 crush curls
  • 10 squat crush curls
  • 10 overhead extensions
  • 10 wide legged dead lifts
  • 10 single legged dead lifts L/10 R

Rest & Repeat

Circuit II

  • 10 tgu crunches L/10 R
  • 10 chest presses L/10 R
  • 10 russian twists
  • 5 seated presses L/5R
  • 10 push ups

Rest & Repeat

Circuit IV

  • 10 1 arm swings L
  • 10 snatches L
  • 10 clean & press L
  • 10 tactical lunges L
  • 10 suitcase deadlifts L
  • repeat all on R side

Circuit V

  • 10 triple crush curls
  • 10 wide leg deadlifts
  • 10 overhead squats L/10 R

Circuit VI

  • 10 tgu crunches L
  • 10 chest presses L
  • 1o russian twists
  • 10 push ups
  • repeat all R side


  • Overhead kettlebell press with alternating bosu lunges.

Stretch, towel off & enjoy your weekend!  XOX