roasted chickpeas with berbere spiceYesterday I set some dried chickpeas to soak for the night, anticipating the break out of another hummus variation today.  But thanks to a new visitor to the blog, one who also enjoys the pleasures and benefits of the amazing chickpea, I threw an extra handful into the soak so I could make some roasted chickpeas.  I am very grateful for his fortuitous stop at the whole way blog yesterday.

I entered my recipe quest —‘roasted chickpeas’—into a search engine.  It seems, based on the recipes and ravings that turned up, I have been missing out on something good.

Abandoning all the delicious sounding suggestions for spicing the roasted chickpeas, I was immediately excited about using a berbere spice mixture I made a while back.  There wasn’t much left of the mixture, as it has been popular in stir fries, on eggs, for grilled meat and fish… but there was enough.  That’s all I ever need.  Just Enough.

My berbere spice is a mixture of cardamom, coriander, fenugreek, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cinnamon, paprika, turmeric, fresh black pepper, and sea salt.  It lacks the cumin you will find in most berbere spice recipes.

The roasted chickpeas are a lovely treat.  Crisp and nutty with a bit of a corn chip flavour I think.  The berbere spice is a bit understated but expansive, making them taste like more.

Roasted chickpeas are now on my regular snack list.  Remember, unless you are totally pressed for time, the dried chickpeas pack in far more flavour and nutrition than the canned version, as I discussed in a previous post.  There really is no comparison and there is no turning back once you dare toss the can opener.

Oh, and by the way, the hummus variation has to wait until tomorrow due to lack of fresh lemons in the house.  It will be a spicy yummus hummus.