If you are looking for another great kettlebell workout, set aside 40 minutes, tune up your focus, and do the following:

Jump rope warm up — hit about 160-180 rpm for 7 minutes or so and then 10 minutes of ROM for all major joints.

2-armed Swing ladder  15-25-35-45

8 kilo kettlebellTimed workout  30 seconds on, 20 seconds rest all the way through:

  • 2 arm swings
  • alternating bosu presses
  • v-ups to russian twist combination
  • weighted side bends L
  • weighted side bends R
  • swing/high pull/snatch combination L
  • swing/high pull/snatch combination R


  • glad. planks
  • clean & lunge combination L
  • clean & lunge combination R
  • single arm swings L
  • single arm swings R
  • o/h lockout squat L
  • o/h lockout squat R


  • front plank
  • front plank L leg up
  • front plank R leg up
  • bootcamp abs


2 armed swing ladder 45-35-25-15

Have water and a towel nearby.  Stretch and smile.