asparagusAsparagus is one my favourite vegetables. Well, truthfully, I have many favourite veggies, but asparagus rates high on the list of those I most enjoy.

I tend to best like unadulterated flavours, and asparagus is no exception. This evening, my partner put a lovely serving of asparagus on my plate, next to some fresh fish.  With a squeeze of lime on each, I was in gastronomic heaven.

This crunchy treat has only 4 calories per spear, no fat and is a great source of fibre.  Now, you have to like that!  As a truly fine source of folic acid, asparagus plays a role in blood cell formation and packs a nutritional punch in liver disease prevention.  It also plays a significant role in the prevention of neural tube defects, such as spina bifida, so it is highly beneficial in the diet during pregnancy.

Asparagus, lighMarch5 002tly peeled in order to remove the most fibrous outer skin, and flash fried in a cast iron fry pan with the smallest amount of olive oil is delicious.  Roasted, with onion and celery, is also yummy.  Or, try roasting it with shitake mushrooms, or shave raw spears into a salad.  Perhaps a saute with slivered almonds tossed into brown rice will whet your appetite.

This summer I am going to experiment with asparagus on the grill.

I’d love to hear your favourite ways of enjoying this nutrition-packed veggie.