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My name is Kathryn Burke and I was born in Victoria, BC.  Over the years I have lived,
worked, and travelled in many places.

After working as a seamstress, a hairdresser, a cook on a sail training vessel, and in various financial and administrative positions for different non-profit organizations, I have discovered where my real passion lies.

I began studying Middle Eastern dance (aka belly dancing) in 1996 while living in Minneapolis.  To my surprise, I fell in love with it!  I have studied and danced with many people over the years in Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Minneapolis, Dallas, Montreal, and Victoria and am continually amazed at how much more there is to learn!

One of my dance friends introduced me to Polynesian dance which I also fell in love with, having spent 2 years sailing in the South Pacific.  I focused on the Polynesian dancing for a few years and was fortunate to dance with Lilia’s Polynesian Dance Company in Victoria, BC.

While in Victoria I realized that I was becoming more dissatisfied sitting behind a desk.  That dissatisfaction prompted me to shift my focus to the fitness industry where I trained at the YMCA as a group fitness instructor.  After a couple of years in Victoria, we moved to Kamloops where I turned my focus once again to Middle Eastern dance and fitness.

When we moved back to Victoria, I was introduced to Bellyfit.  It was an interesting class for me as it combined my passions for dance and fitness.  I attended a few classes, then jumped on the opportunity to take the instructor training.  I am very excited to be bringing Bellyfit to the whole way this summer!

In the Fall, I will also be starting Belly Dance classes, so get ready to shimmy!

I love encouraging people to get healthier and stronger through fitness and dance!


Kathryn will be holding Bellyfit classes on

Wednesdays 5:00pm starting June 3

$80 for 10 classes/$10 drop in

To register:  902.672.3959  or