This week I attended a great symposium offered by Prince Edward Island Business Women’s Association.  It was a sold-out event.  What an amazing array of talented and friendly women with whom to spend the day.  I feel very privileged.

The day opened with a plenary session with Toni Newman of Geffman Productions speaking on strategically innovative ideas.  I arrived late at the session due to work commitments and caught only the last twenty minutes or so of her hour.  Toni’s style and approach was not a good fit for me.  However, the audience seemed to be very responsive to her presentation and a large segment of the crowd stayed with Toni all day in her breakout sessions.

After a fruitful networking break discussing interactive metronomes for elite athletic performance, I attended a session on Social Media Marketing offered by Louis-Philippe Gauthier of Gauthier Consulting.  Louis-Philippe took the participants through a crash course on business applications and implications of social media via the conversation prism (Brian Solis and JESS3).  It was a presentation which piqued my interest, particularly as I have been thinking a lot about how best to use my blog and other on-line applications for sharing information and promoting the studio.  A fortuitous win of free consultation time with Louis-Philippe made my attendance at the session highly productive.

I had a great conversation with Courtney Cameron of Harbourside Hammocks.  Please check out the comfy designs, of which she is the Chief Weaver.

Lunch at the Delta was lovely and Wendy Mesley provided the keynote address.  She is an articulate, erudite and savvy woman who entertained us with many of the adventures and misadventures she experienced along her career path.

Time Management, the afternoon session led by Colette Robicheau, was of interest to many in the room, particularly those who have too much stuff and any number of tasks they are not juggling well.  The organizing industry that has grown up around our western penchant for owning, having more, buying bigger still amazes me.  From gurus like David Allen of Getting Things Done to Leo Babauta’s The Power of Less, there has developed an obsession with finding the right way, the most efficient way, of organizing our excesses.  Colette provided more spin on the topic and excited people with ‘don’t do’ lists rather than ‘to do’ lists.

I had evening classes to teach and had to duck out of the symposium before the closing plenary by Pete Luckett of Pete’s Frootique.  I would have liked to attend his session.

I also missed the awards reception and have shout outs for these dynamic and successful women:

Emerging Business:    Rachelle Wood‘s Positive Change Nutrition and Lifestyle Consulting

Growing Business:  Della Parker of Parker Realty

Enduring Business:   Jennifer Dixon’s A Touch of Gold